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What’s in a name?

Juiced (adjective \ˈjüst\) can mean “containing juice” and “full of energy and motivation”

Rite (noun \ˈrīt\) can mean “a ceremonial act or action”

To us, the name “Juiced Rite” ties these elements together into a cohesive purpose: Be motivated to improve every day. Make juicing, healthy living, and healthy relationships a regular part of the process.


The name Juiced Rite may be new, but the people driving the brand are not! Our first forays into the food industry started in 1977 with the design, integration, and implementation of plant-wide commercial food equipment. We have developed equipment for mixing, kneading, conveying, baking, panning, de-panning, packaging, refrigeration and all other high volume food production processes. Our “can do” attitude and engineering experience has resulted in equipment installations worldwide (over 100 countries and counting). We are proud of our heritage, but we are even prouder of our future: the Juiced Rite product line.

Did you know that the oldest known juice press example dates back over 6,000 years? This means that the mechanical concept of using a press to extract juice is not a new one. The application of the cold-pressed concept to the production of non-alcoholic health food drinks is, however, a relatively new and exciting phenomenon. Cold-pressed juice is real; it’s all natural with no added chemicals or preservatives. In many cases the produce base is organic and grown on small scale farm-to-table (in this case farm-to-bottle) plots. Individuals, and indeed societies, worldwide have begun rejecting the idea of processed and chemically altered foods in favor healthier, all natural, and sustainable diets. Cold-pressed juicing is only one facet of this movement, but it’s an important one, and we are proud to be a part of such an important and exciting industry.

It is that pride that led us to design and develop the Juiced Rite cold-pressed juicers shown on this website. Although, as discussed above, the mechanical juice press concept is not a new one, we saw a need to develop a product better suited to the cold-pressed community. Armed with a clean sheet of paper, decades of engineering experience, an in-depth understanding of food industry standards, and no small amount of zeal we set out to develop the best press on the market. Those efforts succeeded with the release of the Model 100, followed by the Model 200, and again with the Model 75. But we were certainly not content with the thought of resting on our laurels. Continuous improvement is the name of the game: make the best… and then make it better.

Customer relationships have been key to our success. Over the years we’ve learned three important lessons regarding the customer experience:

  1. Handle customer relations directly. Stand behind your product and don’t muddy the waters and chance reputation with third parties.
  2. Value the needs of your customers and take their feedback seriously.
  3. Get to know your customers and help them succeed. Celebrate their success.

These three beliefs form the core of our customer service philosophy.