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Take Control

User Friendly. Unmatched Flexibility.Ultimate Safety. Every one of our press models comes STANDARD with a simple and easy to use control panel. Markings are laser-etched and will never rub or wash off. Two easy to access emergency stops automatically return the press to the open position.



We've spent a lot of time developing a shredder system that is powerful, efficient, and safe to use. The solid design of our exclusive blade holders keeps product right where you want it... In the bag! Hard stops in the Feed Tube ensure operator safety and eliminate any potential metal-to-metal contact. Feed tube and blade removal require no tools, so change-over is a snap! This system is so efficient it actually draws a vacuum when running and increases juice temperatures 5 degrees or less!



Each press comes STANDARD with two bags (Model 200 has four), three blade sizes, a feed plunger, an operator manual, and a complete set of tools. Everything you need to be up and juicing!


Our exclusive perforated press boards are build to be durable, sanitary, easy to clean, and to maximize juice yield.


Our equipment meets or exceeds all FDA, USDA, and NSF food safety standards. To that end our presses use only H1 food-grade, non-toxic, biodegradable hydraulic oil. It's good for you, your customers, and the environment!



Our presses are made entirely from high quality stainless steel and then electropolished to remove any free iron deposited on the material during production. The electropolish process also moves the nickel content of the material near the surface to form an easy-to-clean coating. All other components are sourced locally to ensure quality and reliability.