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model 800
Model 800 Product Description


Designed for industrial use, the Juiced Rite Model 800 is small enough to be maneuvered around your facility, but powerful enough to produce 120-480 gallons of juice per hour. Flexibility is key to producing multiple juice blends in high volumes. Large, fixed position (in-place), multi-layer presses generate high liquid volumes, but are too cumbersome to change over for different products. A team of Model 800 Industrial Juice Presses can give your operation the ability to adapt to changing production requirements, and at a fraction of the cost!

The Model 800 all-stainless hydraulic press accommodates eight press bags, each flanked by our exclusive heavy-duty “wave” boards for maximum juice extraction. Juice is collected in a specially designed 24 gallon pan with a stainless sanitary valve and discharge allowing easy transfer of juice to a bucket (provided) or sanitary pumping system for central collection.

Press bags and boards are actuated by two heavy duty, all-stainless, hydraulic cylinders. The simple and clean cartridge-style design allows the entire 8-layer press zone to be rotated for pomace/cake removal. A pomace/cake collection bin is provided to make waste removal simple and efficient. No hassle, no mess, safe operation, and no need to remove press bags between press cycles.

The Model 800 is made to the same exacting standards as our commercial presses and includes all of our standard features:

Meets or exceeds all FDA, USDA, and NSF food safety standards!

Model 800 Specifications:

Juice Rate: 120-480 Gallons per Hour* (450-1800 Liters/Hr)

Electrical: 20A, 200-240VAC, 1? (Single Phase)

L6-20P Plug and Cord

Net Weight: ~3000lb (1400kg)

*Depends greatly on produce.

Model 800 Standard Feature List:

Sanitary Features:
  • All Stainless Steel and Electropolished Construction
  • Stainless Hardware and Lines
  • Minimized Harborage
  • 100% Wash-Down
  • Food-Grade Hydraulic Oil
Safety Features:
  • Two (2) Emergency Stops
  • Complete Safety Guarding
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Electrical Disconnect
  • Warning Labels
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel
Function Features:
  • 24 Gal. Juice Collection Pan with Sanitary Fittings/Valve
  • Eight (8) Press Bags
  • Exclusive Wave Press Board(s)
  • Tool Set w/ Spare hardware
  • Limited Warranty