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About Juiced Rite

We are here to create something with integrity and purpose, and to offer you proven strategy and equipment to support you in your successful juicing business. Our people have been in the industry for a combined total of nearly two decades building, designing, engineering and making quality juice machines. We are here to make it easier for the cold pressed juicing community to access great machines that help their business, be they faithful machines that can be refurbished for a growing business or brand new machines for a whole new business from the ground up. We have the balance of the experience to give you the right advice and the right machines, along with the energy and enthusiasm of a new team coming together to make a difference.

Meet the Team!

Built with dreams, some engineering smarts, a bit of technical prowess, heads for design and function on a concrete base, Juiced Rite is ready to become your best friend in the cold press juice industry. We support businesses of multiple sizes, trading knowledge and finding solutions.

It’s so nice to meet you!

Customer Journey

When you partner with Juiced Rite this is what you can expect....

We Listen - Commercial Cold Press Juicer

We Listen

 We take the time to get to know you and your business.What makes you unique? A hard to grind ingredient? Peak days and slow days? Do you have a team or are you the one stuck cleaning the machine at the end of the day? Where do you want to take your business?

We Plan - Good Nature Maximizer

We Plan

This conversation can sometimes get uncomfortable. We get specific about your business and what you need. And then we make recommendations based on years of knowing what works best in the industry. We walk you through the plan, and work out the details specific to you.

We Deliver - Best Juicer Press

We Deliver

We get you set up the right way from the start. Delivering on our promise, providing you with documentation, resources and training. We make sure that you are ready to go with the machine, the training and the support you need.

We Support - commercial juicer press

We Support

We make sure that you aren’t left scratching your head afterwards trying to figure things out. We follow up to make sure all your needs are met and questions are answered. And we are available if you need our help.

What we do

Our job is to take the time to listen to you and to really understand your needs, beyond selecting the machine from a catalog.
We know you aren’t a one-size-fits-all business, you have your own unique situation and you want someone who can match you to the thing that is going to make a difference in your business. 
Visit our machines and see if there is something that seems to meet your needs, but the best way to get the right machine for you is to hop on a call with us. Our team can make sure that the machine will actually help you in your business, to get you started off right from the beginning without needing to adjust or upgrade too soon as your business grows. So whether you are just dipping your toe in the water to try a juicing business for the first time, or if you are an established go-getter ready to unleash your dream on the world, we have the reliable machines and the proven advice to help you succeed. 

Juiced commercial

A Customers Journey... When we worked with Seed & Vine we sat down for a long conversation that went into detail about how they sourced, juiced and delivered their product. We looked at the space of the business and the volume and spikes in delivery that the customer needed. Our engineer created a design from scratch that catered to the total volume and peak production that the company needed the machine to produce. Juiced Rite delivered the press to their factory and made sure everyone was comfortable with how the machine worked, how to help keep it running well, and how to use it safely by walking the customer through the safety features, pointing out the fail-safes that are built in to protect the operators and the machine.