Going into business- any business- can be a little scary. Making sure that you are dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s, is, to say the least, very overwhelming. It can even be extremely costly if you miss something vital.  


There are the general tasks that need attention before you can open your doors:

  • Choosing a business name- don’t forget to double check the availability!

  • Getting the standard paperwork completed: business license, permits, tax registration (check your state’s requirements), clearance from the health department, etc.

  • Drafting a business plan to map out your needed capital and to secure funding

  • Opening your business bank account and credit card processing systems- maybe even hiring a bookkeeper to handle your taxes, payroll and accounting

  • Having a general marketing plan- how are you going to promote your new business?

  • Don’t forget setting up your vendors and suppliers! No juice without produce!

  • And much more...


Once you’ve dotted all these i’s and crossed all the t’s -- you feel done! You have everything in place for your business right down to the details on your bottle labels (and possibly the most important-- your Juiced Rite cold pressed juice machine!)... everything you need to help you open those doors and serve your amazing product to the community.


But wait-- did you really dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s? Did you miss anything? We get lost in the details sometimes and important items can sometimes be overlooked. So before you open your doors, be sure you have these 3 things in place…


#1 The most important thing to consider and record are your goals: money, achievements, AND family-- as a business owner and as a person. New business owners often overlook the importance of setting goals and this can be detrimental to the success of your business and your personal life. Set your goals up based on a timeline and give yourself actionable steps to get them accomplished. Knowing the end result you are working towards will keep you striving and learning as you go.

#2 Your employees: How many do you need? Have they been properly trained? Do you have processes and procedures in place so there is very little or no confusion at all as to what they are doing? Having employees on the right track from the very beginning and the expectancies laid out in front of them is going to keep you from backtracking and working harder yourself to make up for the turn over that will likely occur.  


#3 And finally, creating recipes for your cold pressed juice business might seem like an obvious one but are they unique, healthy and great tasting? Will they bring your customers back over and over again? Keeping an open mind to new and exciting recipes, and testing them out can and will go a long way. Set up a testing session and ask for feedback from your potential customers; after all, who better to let you know how you’re doing than the ones who consume it. Use this as an opportunity for marketing as you hone your flavors before opening day.


You have now taken all the steps necessary prior to opening the doors to your new business. Going the extra mile, continuing to stay vigilant on the process even after you’ve opened up on your very first day, will ensure your success and keep those doors open for a long time to come.