Have you ever heard the idea that “slower is faster”? It was a concept that I had a hard time wrapping my head around as a kid. Now that I’m all grown up I see as a truth daily, especially in traffic (you know I’m right ??).

Let’s apply it to juicing then, and especially to using the shredder. I know it is tempting after you have loaded up the shredder chute to grab the pusher and shove everything down the chute hard and fast! Unfortunately, the best way is just not that violent :) Here are the best tips I have on efficient shredding that not only gets better results but also extends the operational life of the shredder motor and components. First thing is to use a SHARP blade! Just about the best thing you can do to improve performance and profit is to change your blade. Next fill the shredder tube to about ¾ full for hard produce or mixed produce and around ½ full for leafy greans. Now using the produce pusher, slide it in the tube until it rests upon the produce only, no extra effort required. Let the blade do the work! If you’ll only guide the pusher in to the tube you will feel the produce being taken up by the blade. If it does stop feeding, one small “tap” should get It going again. We have raced here at the shop many times were one of us is the tortoise and the other is the hare… I think you know the moral of that story :) Tortoise wins again!