Machine downtime never happens when it's convenient.  You know you can order replacements for your consumable parts to be shipped to you, but who wants to pay for staff to wait around until they arrive, or pay for express shipping. So here's a helpful list that keeps that shipping money in your pocket. These are the top 4 replacement items you want to keep on hand.


1. Spare Blades.

Having spare blades on hand ensures that business goes on as usual. That your shredder will do its job and you can press away.  When you don’t have that extra blade handy it cost more than just productivity.

Here's a bonus: Not only having spare blades but a set of different sized blades will allow you to shred different produce and explore more options in variety and flavors on your menu (blade sizes depend on the type of produce you are shredding).

2. 3-4 sets of bags.  

Having 3 to 4 sets of bags on hand at all times will give you the ability to rotate them so that you can continue pressing while one or two sets are being cleaned and still have another set on reserve ready for your next type of produce to be pressed.  

If one set becomes unserviceable you will still be covered with your reserved set while your waiting for a new set to be shipped to you.  

3. 1-2 gallons of oil.  

If you are properly maintaining your cold press juice machine while you are running it, you know to keep the oil reservoir topped off. You don’t want to run it while its low, it will work harder and wear out sooner decreasing the life expectancy of your machine (now THAT’s expensive to fix).

So having that extra oil on hand allows you to routinely top it off.  And it’s available when you do your scheduled oil change as well as enough to perform your annual flush of the hydraulic system. Order replacement oil after your scheduled oil change and have the next batch on-hand down the road. This stuff is expensive to rush ship… think 1-2 times the cost of the oil itself.

4. An oil filter.  

This is important because the filter keeps the entire machine clean internally. You don’t want the impurities from an old filter getting into the hydraulic system and causing it to affect your machines performance. Having spares on hand lets you keep your maintenance schedule on track which in turn keeps you from any unwanted down time.

This one’s not so expensive to ship overnight, but it’s not worth the air freight cost. Order a new one right after your scheduled oil change on your machine.  Oh, and check to make sure it’s tight… no use wasting perfectly good hydraulic fluid.


Keeping these things on hand will mean you don’t have to worry about your machine being out of action because you are waiting on a simple part. Turn these things into a checklist that you tick off regularly so that you have piece of mind knowing you have them on the shelf.