Get To Know Our Commercial Machines

Model TT

/ up to 8 /hr
/ up to 85 /hr
142lb (64.5kg)

Model 75

/ = 10-30 /hr
/ = 106-320 /hr
445lb (209kg)

Model 100

/ = 20-40 /hr
/ = 213-426 /hr
535lb (243kg)

Model 200

/ = 40-100 /hr
/ = 426-1066 /hr
770lb (350kg)

Model 400

/ = 60-240 /hr
/ = 640-2560 /hr
1100lb (500kg)

Model 800

/ = 120-480 /hr
/ = 1280-5120 /hr
770lb (350kg)

Did you know?

We refurbish previous models from Juiced Rite and other brands to give them more life and bring them up to date. Give us a call to see if your current machine is eligable for an update.

Use the right machine,
make the juice,
change the world. ~Juiced Rite

Model 800 In ACTION!

This semi-automated Model 800 includes 8 press zones and was custom designed with some amazing optional features that help wash, prep and load the machine. You might think it takes a team- but this beauty is operated as a one man show! 

Your Success is our success!

What others say about us

“Top tier customer service. I purchased a USED machine from a THIRD party that was damaged in shipment. Juiced Rite went out of their way to help me get the parts I need to diagnose and repair the machine. In no time, they got it working again. It's American made. All stainless steel and beautifully welded. Quality. If you are in the Las Vegas area, come to my kitchen and check out this masterpiece of a machine in person.”

Chef Mike
Head Chef – Jahmanna

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